Located on a strand between sea and marsh, this “garden” reflects both aspects. At the entrance, off the marshland, runs a series of low ground-covers in silvery grays to sparkling whites, with meandering gravel beds among them, seemingly formed by the ebbs and flows of the marsh tides. 


On the ocean side, rugged plantings appear as if from local seed strewn across the land by the wind. All the plant selections withstand the coast’s toughest storms and the salty conditions pervading soil and air.


The main floor of the house sits 10 feet above sea level and the garden. A gently ascending boardwalk (accessible for everyone, safe for carrying groceries) nearly encircles the house, looping toward the beach, then back toward the house, reminiscent of waves lapping on the shore. 


1½ acres; two-year project, completed 2007

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