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The Early Years

1990 - 2000

Isabelle Greene & Associates is a Landscape Architectural firm dedicated to excellent design within the context of sustainable living. Our passion for enduring results shows in our landscapes, which age well and flow with the land and climate naturally, conserving water, energy, and materials,  and resulting in substantial benefit and savings. Our founder, Isabelle Greene has been promoting these practices for half a century, out of her deep understanding of nature's workings -- long before the current awareness emerged. Her strong background in art also gives the firm a flexibility in finding design solutions that are uniquely beautiful, as well as long lasting.


In the tradition of her grandfather Henry Greene of the famed turn-of-the-century architects, Greene & Greene, Isabelle's firm likewise creates new designs that fit the land, the climate and her clients' comfort and wishes. The projects themselves may encompass many acres, or may be minutely small spaces, all attended with care.


We find our completed works of landscape immensely gratifying, and seek clients who share the same interests. The firm IGA is well known internationally through the many publications of its works, Isabelle's lectures and art shows, and through film and videos.

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