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Because of proximity to work, a small lot was purchased by a family of six: a one year-old, five year-old, seven year-old and a nine year-old. The front yard, which was almost entirely taken up by a cement driveway, was transformed into a sunny space for wheeled playthings, by being securely enclosed in a picket fence ringed with flowering plants - all in view of mother's eyes.


In the small rear yard a large, unprotected swimming pool presented another problem: a potential danger to children's safety. It's new fence was disguised as a country fence of natural sticks, seemingly plunged into a garden of abundant flowers. Vegetables were also added for the children to grow.


A very narrow side yard was brightened by painting the property wall a light green, reflecting the filmy character of foliage. Even this space had a special flavor- as stepping stones led to a small chair, for the eldest daughter to use as a get-away for reading her books.


The outdoor space as re-imagined had something for everyone, and was enjoyed by the family for years to come.


1/2 acre, 2 year project: completed 2001

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